Our Services

Perkins Realty Partners stands proud as a seasoned industry expert in the thriving real estate
market of San Francisco’s Bay Area. As natives of Northern California’s most spectacular markets,
we have established an image marked with authority and trust. Our family oriented values allow us
to extend sincerity and concern towards our clients, and ensuring that we maintain transparency
and consideration while safeguarding their financial and investment interests. We provide
a diverse range of real estate services that allow investors and homeowners to make the most
of Bay Area’s real estate market.

Our property management services are tailored to provide homeowners and investors with greater
flexibility and convenience. We are here to attend to all your major and minor property management
challenges, while you can sit back and enjoy your passive income streams.

  • Inspect your home for habitability requirements
  • Recommend improvements for optimal marketability
  • Schedule bids for various vendors
  • Orchestrate repairs as needed
  • Enhance curb appeal, landscaping
  • Test plumbing and all systems of your home
  • Market Analysis to determine feasible rent
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Signs
  • Referrals From Other Properties
  • Network with Local Real Estate Professionals
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Our website, Craig’s List, Zillow, Youtube, Facebook, Realtor.com
  • Flexible showing times seven (7) days a week
  • Licensed, Experienced Vendors
  • Competitive Pricing, Multiple Bids as Needed
  • Periodic Inspections – Keep Owners Informed
  • “Rehab” in Between Tenants
  • Coordinate Repair and Maintenance Issues
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available
  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Secure Deposit, Collect Rent
  • Eviction, Legal Services Available
  • Maintenance Calls Handled & Resolved
  • Negotiate, Landlord, Tenant Concerns
  • HOA Representation
  • Deposit Refund Itemized, Reviewed with Owner
  • Annual Rent Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Direct Deposit Rent to Your Preferred Bank
  • Secure Owner Portals to View Your Account 24/7
  • Move In/Move Out Checklist Utilized
  • Enforce Terms of the Lease Agreement
  • Lease Extensions, Rent Increases or Decreases
  • Review Application
  • Credit Report
  • Employment Verification
  • Unlawful Detainer (Evictions) Search
  • Landlord Reference Check
  • Income Verification/Ability to Pay
  • Never Have to Meet or Screen Tenants
  • Proper Rent Obtained, Raised as Needed
  • Legally Trained Real Estate Representation
  • Avoid Confrontations with Tenants
  • Equity Preservation, Maximize Tax Advantages
  • Current Laws, Customs and Codes Adhered To
  • Federal and Local Fair Housing Compliance 
  • Owner Portal 24/7 to View Account Statements
  • Complete Record Keeping for your Property
  • Monthly Statements and YTD Running Totals
  • Itemization of Bills and Expenses
  • Year End Statements
  • Distribute “1099” Forms as Required by IRS
  • Pay HOA, if Needed
  • Pay Gardener and Pool Service as Needed
  • Pay Mortgage or Insurance, if Desired
  • Pay Property Taxes, if Desired
  • Pay Maintenance and Repair Bills, as Needed
  • Deposit and Reserves Held in Trust Account