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If you are selling your home, list your home with us! With nearly 20 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of real estate in the Bay Area.  Not only will we list your home on our website for all to see, but we will also list your home on powerful national search engines such as Google, Trulia, Zillow, and others! By doing this, we will give your home LOTS of attention and bring you as many potential buyers as possible.

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Vivian W.
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I worked with Frank to rent my property out in the past few years. He is really friendly and helpful, and very professional in property management. He has found good tenants for the property, and been really responsive with anything that comes up. I think perkins realty is definitely trustworthy to work with and would recommend to my friends.
Alicia B
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Frank is an amazing realtor. We asked him to sell our house, 3 weeks later it's sold. He helped us on the process from start to finish, from cleaning up to closing Escrow. He put our house up for sale and on the 4th day, we had an offer. He also helped us find our new home. In a 6 weeks turn around, Frank closed the escrow from our old residence and on our new home. He has all the people you need, from landscaper, handy man, mortgage loan etc. it's like a one stop shop with him that made the process go smoothly. He didn't stop helping until we were completely settled in our new home and until no more issues came up. I highly recommend!
Brittany S.
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The owners, Frank & Jennifer, are amazing! They were very knowledgeable and quick to respond to everything that popped up (mainly all my questions and worries) The experience I had working with them was smooth. I would highly recommend working with them!
Jessica X.
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I’d highly recommend Frank to anyone in Bay Area who is looking for an experienced, professional and responsive property manager. A trusted friend recommended Frank to me when I needed an experienced and professional property manager desperately in 2020. The person who has been looking after my property quit the business due to covid a few weeks before the end of the lease. I found another agent to handle the move out inspection and get the property ready for listing. She quit right after the move out inspection because she felt threatened by the tenant. Luckily Frank agreed to take over and managed this unusal situation extremely professionally. He was always responsive, very detailed and clear in his communication, upfront and transparent on fees, providing sound advise yet very patient in listening to and understanding customer’s needs. He got the propety ready and rented smoothly despite the various challenges due to covid. I am grateful to Frank and would highly recommend him as a property manager.
Janine B.
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Frank has been my property manager for the past 2 years at my complex and has always been very nice and pleasant to deal with. He responds to texts/calls/emails in a timely manner and tries to help with the everything he possibly can. I had 4 roommates while I lived at the apartment and Frank handled everything from the lease, to the maintenance, along with any other random questions we had. I would absolutely recommend Frank to anyone looking for a realtor!
Anthony C.
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We have been renting from Perkins Realty Partners for just about 4 months now and we own homes for many years in another state. Frank and Jen have provided us with excellent service. I wish they had out of state services so they could manage my properties as well and they manage the one I live in now. Frank has always quickly responded to my emails and calls and resolved any questions or concerns we had very quickly. Additionally, their app is easy to use for rent payments and maintenance requests. We are pleased with our experience thus far and I do not see a reason why we would not continue being happy with their services. I would definitely recommend Perkins Realty as a property management service without any reservation.
Angela S.
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We first worked with Frank to buy our first house in Fremont 12 years ago, and it was a great experience. Since then, he and Jenn have become our trusted go-to experts when it comes to anything real estate related. They know their stuff, are trustworthy, dependable, and friendly! So hard to find that combo these days in any service or company. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for help in real estate sales or property management.
Bryan M.
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I want to start with saying that Frank is a upstanding and honest guy. These are the types of people I love to partner with on my deals. In terms of our partnership, we worked on a 6 unit in Oakland and many challenges arose. Frank did not once complain and he worked with me all the way through. We were able to flip the building for nearly a 350% cash on cash return. If you’re looking for someone to manage your property or value add project - Frank is definitely someone you should consider!